+1/-1 (2010)


World Premiere April 19, 2010

In the Gala Opening of the 2010 Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival 

At the Cultural Palace, Ramallah

Co-Comissioned by CityDance Ensemble, Washington, DC and Sarreyet Ramallah


Hailed as "exquisitely athletic...the kind of crooked choreography where the simple quiver of fingertips is enough to spark goose bumps" (artspost.net), +1/-1 won the 2010 Dance Metro DC award for Outstanding New Work.


Dancing with and without a partner... a look at the challenges, beauty and inherent metaphors involved when adding or subtracting a dancer from a movement. +1/-1 asks several questions: what happens when another person is added to a situation? What happens in the void left by an absent partner? How does one fill the void, or is it simply left empty?


Choreography: Christopher K. Morgan with creative contributions from the original cast (Giselle Alvarez, Elizabeth Gahl, Jason Garcia Ignacio, Delphina Parenti, Kathryn Pilkington, William Smith, Maleek Makhail Washington and Alice Belle Wylie)