Frequently sought as a master teacher, choreographer, facilitator, speaker and panelist, Christopher and the entire Company can be engaged for an assortment of masterclasses, lectures, residencies and commissioned choreography.


A gifted artist/educator capable of teaching many genres of dance, Christopher's technique classes refine students movement skills while developing artistry in a rigorous, yet supportive environment.


An experienced speaker and facilitator, Christopher has conducted lectures (for novices and experts alike) on subjects including collaboration, artistic process, surviving in the professional field of dance and critiquing work. Other areas of specialization include:


  • The Critical Response Process

  • Choreography adjudication and critique

  • Artistic and Business Professional Development

  • Incorporating Christopher's Hawaiian heritage into special lectures  

  • Christopher's unique experiences with cultural diplomacy gained through his work with the Dance Omi International Dance Collective and his international collaboration and touring experiences.

  © 2020 Christopher K. Morgan & Artists / Photos by Brianne Bland, Sareen Hairabedian, Mark Hoelscher, Jonathan Hsu, N Link Photography