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Critical Dance Review of Unpredictable, Repeat Hesitation

"Morgan manages to entice the audience with his playful and charming cleverness and then, ever so slyly, he strikes hard with something much more profound."

Carmel Morgan, Critical Dance, 3.27.18

Critical Dance Review of Women and Choreography (Tiffanie Carson & Adrianne Fang)

“Carson’s choreography maintains the visual interest. Bodies undulate as light travels over them, and the limbs of the dancers stretch and extend seemingly into infinity...Another female choreographer who merits attention is Adriane Fang. Her duet, conflict/Resolve, is as intriguing and impactful as B.U.G. [Backlight. Uplight. Glare.]. Go female choreographers!”

Carmel Morgan, Critical Dance, 3.27.18


Chicago Sun-Times Review of Pohaku

"Revolutionary Acts' isn't just the overarching theme of ConFest. It is embedded in the content and actions involved-both off stage and on. Take, for example, Christopher K. Morgan's "Pohaku". It fuses modern dance with kahiko (a traditional form of hula) and English with the indigenous Hawaiian language."

Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times, 8.12.18

Metro Weekly Magazine Profile March 2018

"The newly appointed Artistic Director of Dance Place, Christopher K. Morgan knows exactly why you need more dance in your life."

André Hereford, Metro Weekly, 3.1.18

The Washington Post on Christopher

“I want to see how Dance Place can create enough opportunity for these artists to stay,” Morgan says, “by looking at the longer arc of a choreographer’s career and giving them an incentive to stay in the area."

Morgan quoted in an interview with Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post, 8.25.17


An online video series that give audiences an inside look at the company


Christopher K. Morgan & Artists work to demystify contemporary dance through community dialogue and online video content. Through our "Behind Closed Doors" video trailers, audiences enter the world of the company, getting behind-the-scences footage of rehearsals and deeper understanding about the work and creative process.



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