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T E K / T E C H  is a series of virtual community activities that connect with both the virtual and in-real-life presentation of CKM&A’s new evening length dance Native Intelligence / Innate Intelligence.


Working at the intersection of Indigenous informed practice ( T E K : Traditional Ecological Knowledge), and technology for contemporary performance, this series of FREE interactive community engagements will introduce concepts and creative tools from the range of artistic disciplines that inform the development of Native Intelligence / Innate Intelligence.

  • Kelly Colburn (projections designer) projections and multimedia design workshop for performance

  • Peter Leibold (lighting designer) light  transference for performance


  • Patrick Makuakāne (Kumu Hula, Hawaiian cultural consultant) lei-making & chant


  • Brenda Mallory (scenic designer / visual artist) creative approaches to repurposed materials


  • Marques Marzan (costume design) contemporary repurposing of traditional kōkō puʻupuʻu (Hawaiian rope cordage)

  • Christopher K. Morgan (director / choreographer) on creative concepts and collaboration for contemporary dance

Sessions can be taken as a series, or as single sessions and will be available through CKM&A's website and via our university and presenting partners around the United States.


Each session will involve opportunities to learn with and from a multidisciplinary team of collaborators from Native Intelligence / Innate Intelligence, moments of individual artistic exploration, and ways to connect to the creative process, continued development and performance of Native Intelligence / Innate Intelligence. 

Stay tuned for more information soon!

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