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In Plain Sight (2011)


World premiere November 2011 at the CityDance Center at Strathmore


In Plain Sight  is a multimedia performance that explores the issue of human trafficking in a new and compelling way. It takes its inspiration from "Bought and Sold," images by Visual Artist Kay Chernush that are projected and intergrated with dance, movement and original music.


The work's preliminary performances in November of 2011 marked the grand opening of the CityDance Black Box Theater at Strathmore, and were the first steps in an ongoing work process to explore this sensitive subject matter. For more information, visit ArtWorks for Freedom.


Choreography: Christopher K. Morgan with the performers of original cast (Giselle Alvarez, Elizabeth Gahl and Junichi Fukuda)

Composer: Ignacio Alcover

Visual Artist: Kay Chernush

Projection Design: Shannon Braine











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