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Ties That Bind (2002)


World Premiere March 2002

The Opera House Theater in Vilnius, Lithuania

Originally commissioned by the Lithuanian Dance Company AURA, Ties That Bind is an ensemble work using a series of visual metaphors to represent restriction. The creation of this piece was particularly interesting as it was developed with a group of dancers who had all lived in Lithuania during the reign of communism, adding depth and perspective to the images.

First performed by AURA in Kaunas, Lithuania in March of 2002, the work was invited to be performed in the New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania, a solo excerpt was chosen as a finalist in the 2002 Dance Under the Stars Choreography Competition in Palm Desert, California, and has been performed in New York and San Francisco. The piece was staged on CityDance Ensemble in 2008 and performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and on tour in Jordan, Israel, The Palestinian Territories and Chile.











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