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2020 - 2021: 10th Anniversary Season

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In the Cold Room:
Dancing Alone Together


Streaming here beginning October 14, 2020.


Filmed in their homes, across 4 different states, CKM&A movement collaborators danced alone, together to cellist/composer Wytold's original score.


The artists were asked to explore the space between light and dark, and solitude within the shadows - just as is in the original work created for the stage. As Sarah Kaufman observed in her review of the premiere of the piece in The Washington Post, the dancers "...arced and swooped as if something unseen were in control, pushing them to the very edge.".

Selective Sync - Remote Access


Streaming in January 2021


First commissioned by American University in 2013 and premiering on CKM&A 2014, Selective Sync was originally inspired by the frustration of repeated technical difficulties while trying to do simple data entry on a computer. Born out of that imagery, Selective Sync became an exploration of how interpersonal relationships are evolving in today’s digital age, how they’re created and how they change over time. 


Dancers from the past, the present, and the future join together to explore these relationships once again with an ever evolving sense of how one may align themselves.

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Virtual Winter Workshop: 2021


January 4-6, 2021


Designed to inspire and challenge professional and pre-professional dancers, the CKM&A Virtual Winter Workshop is 3 days of technique classes, repertoire, and multi-disciplinary collaborative approaches that give dancers a look at the work of CKM&A. The Workshop is the perfect way to refresh your practice, get back into your body, and focus on a new year after the holidays.


Best suited for adult pre-professional and professional dancers. Check back for more info soon!

Unfurling: an Exquisite Corpse film project


Streaming here in May 2021.


Gaining popularity among artists in the 1920’s, when it became a common technique of the surrealist movement to generate collaborative compositions, an “exquisite corpse” is a game in which participants take turns sketching, writing, or contributing to a work, concealing their contribution, then passing it to the next participant to do the same.


Taking inspiration from this, CKM&A's movement collaborators from across the company’s 10-year history will make an exquisite corpse dance for film. This project uses many of the dances in the company’s rep and utilizes an array of props from those dances to create a beautiful and evocative “exquisite corpse” that reflects the life and breadth of the company’s work. 

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Pōhaku - Documenting a 15 Year Journey


Streaming here in June 2021

In 2006 Christopher received a travel and study grant to learn about Hawaiian culture from his cousin, Kumu Hula John Ka'imikaua. Tragically, on June 7, 2006, just 2 weeks after Christopher was awarded the grant, John died. This began a personal and artistic journey that Christopher continues today.


10 years later CKM&A premiered Pōhaku (the Hawaiian word for stone), which explores the story of Hawaii’s native people, including land loss, and fractured identity - told through the lens of Christopher's family history, and informed by the work of his late cousin, Kumu John.

Five years after the premiere of Pōhaku, and 15 years after the journey began, the work's documentarian and projection designer, Sareen Hairabedian, is creating a new documentary charting the creation of the work, tours to dozens of communities across the United States, and the very personal journey of Christopher and his collaborators.

Summer Intensive

June 7-13, 2021


Join CKM&A for a week of technique, repertoire, and seminars designed to inspire and challenge serious pre-professional students. Stay tuned for more information!

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